TurningScience can help you build a career in industry

University gives you the valuable technical skills that

you need to work in industry.


But graduate school doesn't teach you how to get a job and be successful!

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Working in industry is very different than working in a research lab.

Some of the habits that you developed in graduate school will not serve you very well in the private sector.

What your manager will want is very different than what your advisor/PI wanted.

Want to learn what working in industry is really like?

Want to learn how to be successful?

I will teach you!

David Giltner speaking at Washington University in St. Louis

My most popular seminars and workshops:

How to be More Employable in the Private Sector – Learn five critical skills for getting hired and promoted in industry.

Can a Scientist Find a Rewarding Career in Industry? – Scientists planning an industry career face unique challenges. Learn how your skills make you indispensable!

Telling Better Stories with the Same Facts – Learn to talk about your research experience in a way that tells an industry hiring manager you are the problem solver they need!

Designing Your Own Career Path in the Private Sector - Planning a private sector career can seem daunting. Learn how to build an exciting career that works for you!

Genuine Networking – Many people hate networking, but if it feels cheap and sleazy, there’s something you need to learn.

Driving Innovation through Team Staffing – STEM graduates are great at innovation. Here’s how they can help you build your business! (Designed for business schools)

David is a traveling lecturer for SPIE and OSA:

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“The interviews that I got went well mostly because I had Better Stories prepared, as you outlined in your workshop.  Thanks for that!”

Michiel Callens, Applied Physicist, CLEARink Displays


“Hopefully we will see you at CCNY again, you left a great impression on students, everyone remembers your talk!”

Simona P., Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate, City College of New York


"I still remember the impressive speech you gave to us."

G. Chen, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, now at Boeing Corp.

You can make a difference for yourself and your colleagues

Don't wait! Open slots go quickly!

Here's what you will learn:

  • Four important ways industry is different than academia
  • How projects at a company are different than academic research projects
  • How companies are organized and how they function
  • How research prepares you to be an entrepreneur
  • How to make your graduate school work sound like industry experience
Image - David is a very clear speaker

Invite me to your university

Grab a spot now, before the semester fills up!