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After two decades in product development, and after interviewing dozens of other successful industry professionals, I bring a wealth of experience on successful career building. My career has taken me through a wide range of technologies and customer applications at companies ranging from 30 people to 30,000 people in size. I’ve worked for companies that make satellites, telecommunications equipment, scientific instruments, and industrial automation systems.  I can help you design your own rewarding career doing all this and more!
I travel regularly to meet with with scientists, engineers, and business majors around the world about succeeding in the dynamic and exciting world of product development.  Here is a list of some of the talks and workshops that I give:


For scientists: “Can a Scientist Find a Rewarding Career in Industry?”

For all technical audiences: “How is Working in Industry Different than Working In Academia?

For MBAs and other business leaders: “Driving Innovation through Team Staffing.”


Interview preparation workshops:

“Telling Better Stories with the Same Facts”

“How to answer the question: ‘So, what do you do?'”



“Thanks again for all your help! Success in my job search is due to the many things that I learned from you!”  PhD in Optical Engineering, Ghent University

“Thank you very much for your advice, answers and feedback. I found it extremely valuable, because we rarely meet with someone as open and helpful as yourself.” PhD in Optoelectronics, City College of New York


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