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Private Sector Career Training

Seminar/Webinar: How to be More Employable in the Private Sector – The private sector is a very different environment than academic research, and the rules of success are also different. Learn five critical working/thinking habits for getting hired and promoted in industry

Seminar/Webinar: Can a Scientist Find a Rewarding Career in Industry? – Scientists planning an industry career have many questions and face some unique challenges. Learn how your unique skills as a scientist make you valuable!

Short-Course: Designing Your Own Career Path in the Private Sector (Length: 3 hours) - Planning a private sector career can seem daunting. Learn how to build an exciting career that works for you and your unique strengths and interests!

Short-Course: How to Network When You Hate Networking (Length: 3 hours) – Many people hate networking, but if it feels cheap and sleazy, there’s something you need to learn. This short-course will help you see a much more positive view of connecting with people for the purpose of advancing your career and will teach you some techniques for building your professional network that even shy introverts can do well.

Short-Course: Essential Skills for a Career in Industry (Length: 6 hours) – This short-course expands on the popular “How to be more Employable in the Private Sector” seminar by digging into some critical industry topics such as corporate finance and project management.

Workshop: Telling Better Stories with the Same Facts (Length: 3 hours) – You may have done excellent research in academia, but a manager in industry will be looking for what you can do to help them grow their business. How do you do that? Tell stories!

Workshop: How to Be More Employable in the Private Sector (Length: 2 full days) – This workshop covers the full range of private sector career seminar topics listed above. The format is a blend of lecture, self-reflection worksheets, and interactive activities that give participants a solid and enjoyable head start on their private sector careers.

Workshop: How to Get Research Funding from Industry (Length: 2 full days) – Research funding from the private sector is not pursued by many academic researchers, largely due to an uncertainty about what companies need and how to connect with them. This workshop provides practical advice on how to identify and build valuable and lasting private sector research collaborations. (Designed for postdocs considering academic careers)

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Training for Startups and Established Companies

Seminar/Webinar: Can a Scientist be a Successful Entrepreneur? – Can a scientist really be a good entrepreneur?

Seminar/Webinar: The Stage-Gate Product Development Process - Learn the most popular approach to bringing some consistency to bringing new products to market.

Seminar/Webinar: Tactical Technical Problem Resolution - All companies have things go wrong. How the team handles these problems can make a big difference in their customer relationships and  their future business.

Workshop: How to Develop Profitable Technology Products (Length: Full day) – Many factors impact whether a product is ultimately successful or not. This short-course teaches the fundamentals for developing products that will make money for your company.

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