Making the academia to industry transition can be frustrating.

Experienced career advice helps.

I know from experience, because I’ve been there myself.  I decided during my last year of graduate school that I didn’t want a career in academia after all.  I’d watched my professors all through graduate school, and decided that was just not the path for me.

But that left me with no clear path and no knowledge of the world I was trying to enter.  My advisor had no knowledge of industry, and no connections to help me.  I had no idea what jobs existed out in the real world for a physicist.

Well, I persisted, and managed to get my first job.  Now, after two decades in industry, I can tell you I’ve very glad I made the leap.  A career ‘making things people need’ has been awesome.  I’ve done so many different things, learned more than I ever imagined, and have travelled all over the world.

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Interview and Networking Skills Workshops:

“Telling Better Stories with the Same Facts”

“How to answer the question: ‘So, what do you do?'”


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