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Articles by David:

Mid-Career Professional Development:
What can sports players teach scientists about mindset?

Success outside the research lab is a very different game. And it turns out that this is a very useful analogy.

Why You Should Use A Product Development Process

Being successful in the private sector requires learning about some important tools that you likely didn't learn about in university.

Can a scientist be a good entrepreneur?

Many people assume that 'scientist' and 'entrepreneur' require completely different strengths. Not true!

Academia to Industry Transitions:
A Satisfying Career: Academia or Industry?

Science researchers learn that they can turn science into “things people need” and find rewarding careers in industry.

Getting an industry job with no industry experience

Job descriptions requesting previous industry experience can leave PhDs wondering if their post-graduate time would have been better spent in industry. Fortunately, this is not actually the problem that it may seem.

How to escape a ‘paint-by-numbers’ career

Academia trains us to follow pre-defined paths when planning our careers, but the most exciting and rewarding careers are designed by their owners. If you’re willing to take some risk and create your own design, you can have a more exciting career than you ever imagined.

Increasing Employability During a Crisis

The year 2020 has not gone the way we expected. It seems everything is harder than it used to be, including building our careers. How are you going to respond?

The Autopilot Postdoc

Falling into a postdoc after a PhD is a waste of excellent credentials, say Karin Bodewits, Philipp Gramlich and David Giltner.

Essential Skills for a Career in the Private Sector

What can you do to be more employable than the other scientists and engineers who will be vying for the same jobs?

Improving the STEM PhD's transition into a private sector career

Written for professors and PIs, we discuss training approaches that help early career PhDs understand the behaviors that will bring success in their industry careers.

How to get research funding from industry

Written for academic researchers who want to build their research programs through collaborations with the private sector.

Science Careers: Career Fables

A series of entertaining career stories written by Karin Bodewits, with career advice and editing by David Giltner and Philipp Gramlich.


Articles about David:

North-American physicist challenges students to work in the private sector

David Giltner of TurningScience speaking in Lisbon, Portugal

David Giltner shared some tips for the transition from academia to industry in a new session promoted by American Corner at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal.

David Giltner: "We are not afraid of the unknown or the unexplained"

David M Giltner of TurningScience speaking in Lisbon, Portugal

Faculty of Science and Technology, in Caparica, hosted David Giltner, founder of Turning Science, for a series of lectures on how scientists can impact the private sector (in Portuguese.)