It's a Game, not a Formula

How to Succeed as a Scientist Working in the Private Sector

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It's a Game, not a Formula
The new book from David Giltner that teaches you those critical things you need to be successful in your private sector career!
If you want to be successful, you need to understand the game

Scientists tend to look for the 'right way' to do things. We are used to chasing after formulas and theories that describe the behavior of the universe, and this expectation that there is a 'right answer' tends to permeate much of what we do.

But the world outside the controlled environment of the science lab doesn't work that way. The most successful scientists who enter the private sector approach their work as if it were a game, with rules that need to be followed but with no clear 'right way' to do things. They take risks, make decisions quickly, and don't overthink things.

This book presents valuable insights from experienced and successful industry PhD scientists who have shared their valuable stories to help you succeed in the private sector and build that rewarding career you are seeking.

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Can you be successful in the private sector?

We hear a lot about the 'transferrable skills' that will make you employable in industry. And these are very important.

But no one tells you that what matters most is that you have the right working habits! Habits such as these:

  • Help the company make money
  • Figure out what matters and what doesn't
  • Be effective, not smart!
  • Decide quickly with limited data
  • Persuade others to follow you
TurningScience - Rules for success in the private sector
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