I’m David Giltner. I find ambitious scientists and engineers who are early in their careers, and I help them become confident career builders.


Back in 2009, I saw a real need for better tools for pursuing a technical career outside of the research lab. Many of the people I worked with had spent much of their early career in graduate school, and got used to thinking of themselves as researchers.

Unfortunately, when they moved out of academia world into a career in industry, these habits were not easy to change. Working in industry is very different than working in a research lab. Professors, who have spent their entire life in academia themselves, are not the best coaches for preparing a student for a job in industry.
I set out to change all that.
Since then, I wrote a book, have given many presentations and workshops, and have spoken with hundreds of students. I’ve developed a huge catalog of stories, tools, and tricks. I’d love to come to speak to your group, university, professional society, or company.

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