I'm David Giltner.

I help ambitious scientists and engineers design and build amazing careers in the private sector.

Let's face it.  Graduate school is just not very good at preparing you to work in industry.

Working in industry is very different than working in a research lab. Most professors have spent their entire careers in academia, and are not the best coaches for preparing a student for a job in industry.

I'm on a mission to change all that.  And I'd like to help you make the transition.

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David M Giltner, Career coach for scientists and engineers

To help you get hired and get promoted in industry:

I wrote a book about working in industry

I give seminars on working in the private sectorTurningScience - Speaking - white

I mentor people one-on-one on designing their careersTurningScience - Mentoring - white

Maintain a blog with helpful career solutions TurningScience - Learn on my own - white

Let's work together to build you an awesome career!

The private sector is an exciting and dynamic place to work, but it really helps to have guidance form someone who's been there and done it!

I'm a big fan of Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.  This book showed me my 'non-technical' strengths in a way I never would have appreciated otherwise.

Here are mine:

  • Ideation
  • Communication
  • Learner
  • Focus
  • Restorative

If you've done this evaluation, I'd love to hear about your strengths and help you understand where you can find a job that engages these strengths.  Contact me!