David M Giltner, Career coach for scientists and engineers

I'm David Giltner.

I help ambitious scientists and engineers design and build amazing careers in the private sector.

Let's face it.  Graduate school is just not very good at preparing you to work in the 'real world'.

Working in industry is very different than working in the controlled environment of a research lab. Most professors have spent their entire careers in academia, and are not the best coaches for preparing a student for a job in industry.

I'm on a mission to change how we prepare graduate students for their careers.  And I'd like to help you.

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How can I help you?:

I wrote a book about why working in industry is so fun

Image - Turning Science book

I give keynotes and lectures on how to be successful in industryTurningScience - Speaking - white

I created an online video course so you can learn at homeTurningScience - Learn on my own - white