Turning Science into Things People Need

Real Stories from the Real World

My book "Turning Science into Things People Need" explores the journeys of 10 scientists who left the research lab to pursue careers in industry.

Driven by a desire to see their work give tangible results in months rather than decades, these people have all built exciting careers in a wide variety of roles.

Five of these scientists are successful entrepreneurs, starting their own successful companies!

Image - David seated with book
Image - Turning Science book

What is working industry really like?

Get advice directly from people who get up in the morning and can't wait to get to work.  Learn about the following jobs:

“I think your book is a good idea. People talk about the transition from science to engineering or going from academia to industry, but no one has actually put together any research on the topic”

Ashok Balakrishnan – Director of Product Development at Enablence Technologies
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