How to Succeed in Industry

Product development can be hard. When faced with a challenge at work, I often find myself thinking ‘What would Dave and I have done?’  This frequently helps me come up with a good solution. The Dave I’m referring to was my manager during an very important and formative time early […]

What would Dave and I have done?

Forbes published a great article by Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd last November.  In the article, he gives nine tips for communicating science to non-scientists. This list is also excellent advice for any scientist or engineer who wants to be more effective working in industry. If you are a scientist or engineer who […]

How to accelerate your technical career in industry

We’ve all heard that first impressions are critical, and the general consensus is that you have less than 30 seconds to make that impression.  Unfortunately, many of us with technical backgrounds don’t put enough thought into what we say in that 30 seconds.  As scientists and engineers we are trained […]

You have 30 seconds. Start with why.

I talk about networking quite a bit, because it’s critical to building a rewarding career. Building real relationships that you maintain through your entire career will bring tremendous value. These relationships start with a first impression, and much of the time the first impression is based on that ubiquitous icebreaker […]

So, what do you do?

No, really. It’s true. Let me illustrate this with a story: Earlier this week I was at a local networking event. I was talking with a few guys I know about to startup one of them had launched. This guy was developing specialty cameras for precision measurement in a variety […]

Finding a job is like dating…

People often ask me why I enjoy working with students and early career professionals as much as I do. I tell them that it’s so unbelievably rewarding to share what I’ve learned with people who are just embarking on the amazing career path I’ve been walking for the last two […]

Five reasons why giving back is awesome 

If you are a physicist looking to build a career in industry, it can be hard to know what types of jobs to look for.  Here are five great industry jobs for a physicist: System engineer Reliability engineer Project manager Engineering manager Process development engineer That’s right, they all have […]

5 great industry jobs for a physicist:

Many early career scientists and engineers wanting to build a career in industry approach it with some trepidation because they worry that their experience working an a university research lab won’t be seen as relevant to a hiring manager who needs people to design hardware for sale. This is a […]

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