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TurningScience Development Workshops and Short-Courses:

Essential Skills for a Career in Industry (Length: 6 hours) – This short-course expands on the popular “How to be more Employable…” seminar by digging into some critical industry topics such as Corporate Finance and Project Management.

Telling Better Stories with the Same Facts (Length: 90 minutes to 3 hours) – This workshop expands on the seminar of the same name by adding interactive activities where participants learn to tell their own stories and efficiently communicate who they are. Workshop content can be customized to fit the desired duration.

Developing Profitable Technology Products (Length: Full day) – Developing products that make money is the primary goal of most technology companies, but it’s not an easy task to accomplish. Many factors impact whether a product is ultimately successful or not. This short-course teaches you the important fundamentals for developing products that will make money for your company.

Start Your Career in the Private Sector! (Length: Full day) – This workshop combines the ‘How to be More Employable..’ and ‘Design your Own Career Path…’ seminars with a number of interactive exercises to help participants begin their own private sector career journeys.

Hello Industry! (Length: 2 full days)This workshop covers the full range of private sector career seminar topics listed above. The format is a blend of lecture, self-reflection worksheets, and interactive activities that give participants a solid and enjoyable head start on their private sector careers.

How to Get Research Funding from Industry (Length: 2 full days) -  Research funding from the private sector is not pursued by many academic researchers, largely due to an uncertainty about what companies need and how to connect with them. This workshop provides practical advice on how to identify and build valuable and lasting private sector research collaborations. (Designed for postdocs considering academic careers)

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Collaboration - TurningScience and NaturalScience.Careers

I'm very pleased to be collaborating with Dr. Karin Bodewits and Dr. Philipp Gramlich of Natural Science.Careers.  Together we offer an expanded seminar curriculum based on our own broad experience spanning the physical and life sciences.

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Dr. Karin Bodewits

Co-founder & owner

Dr. Philipp Gramlich



Women in science, self-presentation & networking, poster presentations, time-management, science communication

Industrial experience

Unilever R&D (2006-2007, visiting researcher)

Puleva Biotech (2005, visiting researcher)

About Karin

Karin originally comes from the Netherlands where she studied Biology (University of Groningen). To broaden her horizon she then worked in Spain and China. Besides conducting research in industry, she gathered her first experiences in giving seminars to scientists and engineers in Shanghai, teaching debating skills and “Western culture” to team leaders at Unilever and at a state-owned electricity company.

Then she lived for over three years in the lovely Scottish city of Edinburgh and finished her PhD at the University of Edinburgh (School of Chemistry and the Medical School). Thereafter, she moved to Germany and worked as a coordinator at the LMU in Munich. In 2012, she founded the social enterprise ScienceMums that aimed to help women bridge the gap between motherhood and career. Almost three years later, she founded the career platform NaturalScience.Careers (2015). ScienceMums became part of this broader platform.

She became book author, speaker, trainer and published a wide range of articles around the topic “women & career."

What's more...

During her academic career, she co-authored several peer-reviewed papers and a scientific book chapter. Today, Karin regularly writes for magazines like Chemistry World and Naturejobs. She writes career columns for Nachrichten aus der Chemie and short stories for Laborjournal. Furthermore, she just published her very first humorous novel ‘You Must Be Very Intelligent – The PhD Delusion‘.

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Leadership training, presentation skills, career starters, coaching, talks

Industrial experience

Eurofins Genomics (Team leader R&D, QC/shipping and analytics)

Baseclick GmbH (Manager R&D)

About Philipp

Philipp studied chemistry at both Munich universities as well as at the University of Sydney. During his PhD, he joined a project team, whose work led to the foundation of baseclick GmbH by BASF Venture Capital. After some exciting experiences during the pre-founding and founding phases of this company, he went to Edinburgh for a postdoc. Here he could participate in a project to synthesize a complex molecular machine, which led to a publication in Science. Overall, his 11 scientific publications add up to >1200 citations (Researchgate).

Philipp then left academic research to join Eurofins Genomics for five years. In this time he worked as team leader (mainly in part-time), eventually being responsible for 22 staff in three teams. In parallel, he co-founded NaturalScience.Careers, where he is focussing on leadership training, career starters, coaching and business development. In July 2016, he left Eurofins to fully concentrate on his own company- and to pursue his passion to work with young scientists on their professional development.

What's more...

As one of just a few men working on gender topics, Philipp aims to be the new face of German feminism. Geschlechterkampf (battle of the sexes) was yesterday. Gender equality is not a zero-sum game (take from men and give to women) but a vital building block for a more flexible, fair and efficient working culture.

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