What is TurningScience all about?

Building Rewarding Careers in Industry

TurningScience provides career advice to scientists and engineers who want to build rewarding careers in industry.  I started the project back in 2009 when I was writing the book “Turning Science into Things People Need.”  The book tells the stories of 10 scientists who left academia and built very successful careers in industry. The book was originally intended to help scientists, who I had believed had a particularly challenging career path out of academia, due to the negative attitudes that prevail in the science research community towards work in the private sector.
However, I quickly found that people with advance degrees in all STEM disciplines identified strongly with the challenges of this career transition. Universities typically do a pretty good job teaching you the hard skills related directly to your discipline. But universities train you to be an academic researcher.  They are terrible at helping you understand how to plan and build a career in industry, which is a very different game altogether!
I quickly realized there was a huge need for people with experience working outside of academia to help those still on the other side make the transition and be productive in this exciting environment. This is the mission of TurningScience.

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If you browse my blog, you will find all kinds of helpful hints and advice for planning a career in the real world. We discuss jobs that you will find in industry, how to sell your skills and experience, how to build a solid network that will last your entire career.  Sign up in the entry form in the sidebar, and get access to the free guides and other information we provide to members.  You’ll be happy you did!

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I just created a video that outlines what we are all about.  Check it out here:

I hope you find this advice helpful in planning and executing your own career. Please send me an email or contact me through our contacts page.


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