Can a Scientist Find a Rewarding Career in Industry?


“If you have a good science education then the world is your oyster, and you can do almost anything.” – Tanja Beshear, physicist working in industry

‘Turning Science into Things People Need,’ is a project exploring scientists who chose a career in industry instead of the ‘traditional’ academic path.  I’m interviewing 25 of these successful scientists to get their stories and understand:

  • Skills and attributes of a scientist that are useful in industry
  • Roles in a commercial organization that are suited to a scientist
  • Skills and habits that a scientist should develop to be successful in industry

As I work towards completing the book, I will post interview excerpts and other thoughts about careers in the private sector on this site.  Check back often, and thank you for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Can a Scientist Find a Rewarding Career in Industry?

  1. David, what a fascinating project! There are a lot of us out there… I’m looking forward to reading the book. JZ, MS in physical chemistry, a decade as a test engineer

  2. Thanks, Joe! It has been a lot of fun to work on, and I’m giving a talk on the book at Photonics West next weekend. I’d appreciate any feedback you have on the book.

  3. took me years to switch, especially for women in engineering. looking forward to reading the book.

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