Talk at CU Boulder

I gave a talk last week titled “The Advantage of a Science Education in Industry” for the Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI) Seminar Series at CU in Boulder.  This was my first speaking engagement since I began the project, so I was excited to get out and see what kind of feedback I would get on the topic.  The talk was 45 minutes long and I had 20 minutes of questions, so I was very pleased with the interest.  While there were a number of physicists in the group, it was largely composed of engineering students and they seemed to find the topic just as interesting as the scientists did.  This doesn’t surprise me too much.  I’ve found that many people in and industrial setting are aware of a typical “scientist” approach and a typical “engineering” approach, and most seem to agree that the best product development team includes both of these skills sets.

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