Scott Sternberg is an Executive Vice President at Vaisala, a global environmental and industrial monitoring device company headquartered in Finland. He is also President of Vaisala Inc., the company’s US subsidiary headquartered in Louisville, CO. Prior to Vaisala, Scott was a Business Development Manager for Roper Industries/Photometrics in Tucson, AZ. […]

Scott Sternberg, Executive Vice President at Vaisala

I’ve always been interested in the ‘human’ side of science. The general population often perceives science as a cold calculated endeavor. I do not see it this way at all. Those of us with experience in science research know that it requires creativity and intuition in order to make progress. […]

The Art of Science

This week I interviewed Peter Fiske, Chief Technology Officer at PAX Water Technologies, Inc. in San Rafael, CA. Peter has a Ph.D. in Geological and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University and has made a career working in industry. I first met Peter in 2006 when he was VP of Business […]

Peter Fiske, Author and Lecturer on Career Development for Scientists