Tactical technical problem resolution

Tactical Technical Problem Resolution

Learn strategies for turning problems into business opportunities (Online and in-person)

Industry career workshop for scientists

When developing technical products and services, problems are an inevitable part of the adventure. Good planning and preparation are essential to success, but many complex projects run into issues that simply could not have been predicted or avoided. These problems can range from something like a small issue that causes a 2-week schedule delay to a serious problem that results in a large-scale product recall.

How a company handles these issues can make a significant difference in their customer relationships, the morale of their development team, and ultimately their future business. No customer expects you to be perfect, but they do expect to be able to trust that when things do go wrong, they can expect you to handle problems in a competent and professional manner. The right approach to dealing with a big problem can actually result in more trust and more business!

In this talk we’ll review some important principles for handling problems in a professional and constructive manner. But we go beyond principles to give you practical systems and tools that you can use the next time you encounter a problem in your business. We will review the Eight Discipline (8D) problem resolution process and how to use it in the most efficient and effective way, and we will review how to communicate your plans and solutions most effectively

Project leaders who are competent at dealing with the inevitable problems that occur often find that there is often no single right answer or ‘correct way.’ At TurningScience, we say that being successful in business requires understanding that ‘It’s a game, not a formula.’ This webinar will give you a primer in the game of dealing with technical problems well. The principles, systems, and tools you learn will empower you and your team to turn the next technical problem you face into a business opportunity!


David M. Giltner, PhD – Founder and President of TurningScience

David has spent more than twenty years developing cutting-edge photonics technologies into commercial products in the fields of optical communications, remote sensing, directed energy, and scientific instrumentation. In 2017 he started TurningScience to provide training and support for scientists of all disciplines seeking to enter the private sector as employees, collaborators, or entrepreneurs.

David is the author of the books Turning Science into Things People Need: Voices of Scientists Working in Industry and It’s a Game, not a Formula: How to Succeed as a Scientist Working in the Private Sector and is an internationally recognized speaker and mentor on the topics of technology commercialization, product development, and career design. David has a BS and PhD in physics and holds seven patents in the fields of laser spectroscopy and optical communications.

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This is also offered through NaturalScience.Careers under the title 'Tactical and Technical Problem Resolution'