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      Growing a tech company is challenging...

Developing the technology itself is only a small part of the work. Identifying the right market, establishing the value proposition, engineering the right solution, and scaling up to volume manufacturing are all equally challenging. Success in all of these requires an team that works smoothly together to be both effective and efficient.

Don and Dave have been through this many times, and they've learned that having the right tools makes all the difference. With more than 40 years of experience in technology scale-ups, they help early-stage companies get it right, so they can get it done!

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Meet the Team

Don McGrath, PhD

Founder, Contour Leadership

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David M. Giltner, PhD

Founder, TurningScience

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Don McGrath, Ph.D. is the author of six books, most notably The Climb: A Leadership Fable About Navigating Challenging Change. Four of his books are best-sellers and he is an award winning author and speaker. Don spent more than 20 years as a senior leader in Fortune 500 companies leading teams of hundreds of engineers designing semiconductor chips, which yielded over $20 billion of sales in his career. If you use the internet or have ever had a CAT scan, chances are you used a chip that Don and his team designed.

Don's teams were consistently rated as some of the highest performing teams in the companies he worked at for technical innovation, project execution, and team engagement. He has the unique ability to not only deliver outstanding technical solutions, but also human experiences for his customers and teams that make them raving fans.

David M. Giltner. Ph.D. is the author of the book Turning Science into Things People Need, and is an internationally recognized lecturer on technology commercialization and making an effective transition from academia to industry. He has spent more than 20 years commercializing photonics technologies in a variety of roles for companies, including JDS Uniphase, Ball Aerospace, and Zolo Technologies (now part of Koch Industries). His work in telecommunications and Datacom resulted in multiple successful products including the first cladding-pumped fiber laser device to be qualified to stringent Telcordia standards.

David has developed the unique ability to function well in both highly technical and business circles, and has often functioned as an interpreter to help these two worlds communicate more productively.  He now uses this skill to help scientists and engineers understand the world of product development so they can design and build rewarding careers in industry.