Industry Funding

How to Get Research Funding from Industry

How to get research funding from industry

The 2-day private sector collaboration workshop for scientists

Adding research funding from the private sector is a lucrative option that is not pursued by many researchers. One of the biggest reasons this option is overlooked is a lack of understanding about how companies function and how an academic researcher might bridge the culture differences to make useful connections. This workshop provides practical advice on how to identify and build valuable private sector research collaborations.

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Philipp and David - Creators of 'How to Get Research Funding from Industry'

Course Content:

Private Sector Funding Overview
  • What makes a successful collaboration?
  • Balancing basic and applied research
Academia vs Industry
  • How does one navigate the culture differences?
  • Where can you bring unique value to the private sector?
Collaboration models and intellectual property
  • Patent vs Publication
  • Who will do what and who will own what?
How do companies operate?
  • Industry project management basics
  • Return on Investment - How does a company decide what projects to pursue?
Making Connections in Industry
  • Who should you contact?
  • Where can you meet them?
  • How do you communicate your value effectively?
Your Industry Funding Plan
  • Define your relevant group strengths
  • Identify a suitable target to pursue
  • Build a specific plan for taking action

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