Hello Industry!

Hello Industry!

The 2-day private sector career workshop for scientists

Industry career workshop for scientists

Most of us who complete a PhD in a science discipline will end up working outside of academia. Are you wondering what working in the private sector is really like? How do you find these jobs? Do you feel confident that you can impress an industry hiring manager when you describe the very specialized research project you just spent years pursuing? And what kinds of jobs can a scientist get in a company anyway? This workshop helps you with these questions and many more about the exciting world that awaits scientists in the private sector!

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Course Content:

How is industry different than academia?

  • Addressing the cultural differences
  • What will my main challenges be in my industry job?

Can a scientist build a rewarding career in industry?

  • Career options for scientists in industry
  • Will I enjoy working in industry?

How to design your own career path in the private sector

  • What strengths make me valuable in industry?
  • What’s the best way to find a job?

Impressing an industry manager

  • How can I describe my PhD work so they see my value?
  • How can I sound more industry savvy in an interview?

Industry topics not taught in STEM

  • How are projects run in industry?
  • Finance - The language of business
  • Working with customers

Overcoming the job Search Challenges

  • I was perfect for that job! Why didn’t I hear back?
  • How do I answer those hard interview questions?
  • Can a shy person network effectively?

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