Five reasons why giving back is awesome 

People often ask me why I enjoy working with students and early career professionals as much as I do. I tell them that it’s so unbelievably rewarding to share what I’ve learned with people who are just embarking on the amazing career path I’ve been walking for the last two decades. Here are five reasons giving back is awesome:

  1. It helps a cause that you believe in.
  2. You make connections with people who share your path in some way
  3. There is value in remembering where you came from, and giving back puts you more in touch with your roots.
  4. It gives you that really great feeling that comes from helping people.
  5. People you help will often give you something of value in return: a new idea, a new perspective, a cultural experience…

I encourage everyone to make time from your busy and rewarding career to give back in some way.  Not only does it help make the world a better place, but it brings many benefits that you may never have anticipated.

What do you find rewarding about giving back? Please share your stories.

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