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You want an exciting career in industry..


Do you know everything you need to be successful?
Unfortunately, you probably don't.

Essential Skills for a Career in Industry

Be more employable in the private sector!

Most universities teach you only ~ 90% of what you need...


They teach you valuable technical skills, but they leave a lot of things out.

 What's missing?

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An understanding of how business works.

An understanding of what your manager wants from you.

(Hint - It's not at all what your advisor wanted!)

Academia and Industry are very different!

If you want to make a successful transition, you need to understand how it works!

Can you figure it out as you go? Sure, you can.  That's what I did when I got my first industry job.

But I don't recommend it.

That 10% I didn't know cost me a lot.


It cost me time.


It cost me status in the company.


It cost me money!


I wish I had learned more before I jumped in. So, I created this course:

Essential Skills for a Career in Industry

Be more employable in the private sector!

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What will you learn in this course?

  • 4 important ways that industry is different than academia
  • 5 important habits that will make you successful
  • Basics of Corporate Finance - The language of business
  • Projects with a Plan - Very different than your thesis project
  • Working with Sales - Helping the Business Succeed
  • And a few Bonus items

Is this course for you? See what others think:

“David’s seminar was fantastic! He was very easy to follow and conveyed important info I hadn't previously heard.”

Z. Huang - Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University

“Thank you very much for your advice, answers and feedback. I found it extremely valuable, especially because we rarely meet with someone as open and helpful as yourself.”

Simona P - Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate, City College of New York

“I quickly realized that the mindset of academia and industry are based on different principles. David helped me to identify how to best communicate my strengths to potential employers”

Justin Dokter - PhD in physics, now Design Engineer at Vergent Products

“Thank you for providing a great workshop! It was very useful and I plan to leverage the new insights I've gained when I'm looking for a job in a year.”

A. Murthy - PhD candidate at Northwestern University


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More course evaluation comments:

"David was enthusiastic and well versed on the topic. I'm very happy about the time I spent here. Thank you for bringing in such a high value course."

"Amazing course! This cleared up a lot for me.  David is very knowledgeable and a great speaker."

This is the same course I give at universities around the globe

You can take it at home!

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Are you ready to learn that missing 10%?