Image - What do you want from your career?

We've all worried about this!


The fact is, everyone who has a job had no experience at one point.

They all managed to conquer that barrier.

You will conquer it too!

Let's talk about finding that first job...

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An experienced mentor can help!

"David helped me to identify where my strengths were, and how to best communicate and present these values to potential employers"

Justin Dokter, Design Engineer at Vergent Products


"Sharing your experiences in industry was very encouraging. Thank you for igniting me!"

G. Chen, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Boeing Corp.


“Thanks again for all your help! I really feel like success in my job search is due to the many things that I learned from you!”

Michiel Callens, Applied Physicist, CLEARink Displays

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Here's some things we can talk about:

Image - Find the job you want
Find that job you want

Learn how to make connections when online applications aren't working!

Image - Improve your interview and resume skills
Improve your Resume and Interview Skills

What is an industry hiring manager looking for?  How do you make yourself stand out?

Image - Learn how to crush your new job
Learn how to crush your new job

Working in industry is very different than graduate school.  I can help you transition and be productive quickly!

Image - Learn how to get promoted
Learn how to get promoted

How do you get a raise and a more significant job?  Learn what your manager really needs!

Image - Design a better career
Design a better career

Is it time to take your career in a new direction?  I can help you figure out your next adventure!

Let's talk about your career plans...

Free 1 hour call to the first 5 people who schedule this month!

Looking for a new and better career direction?  Read on!

Designing a Rewarding Career

You can choose to follow the guidance of your advisor, your manager, or your colleagues.
They will have opinions, but is that what's best for you?

"Control your own destiny or someone else will."

- Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, 1981 - 2001

Designing your own career path is more work...

...but it's definitely worth it!

Image - Design a rewarding career

Here are the five important Career Design steps:

Image - Determine your strengths

Determine your Strengths

Before you can decide where to take your career, it’s very important you understand what you do well (and what you don’t do well!). Determining your strengths is about more than just knowing what skills you have…

Image - Define your target

Define your Target

What you want to do and where you want to do it?

Image - Tell great stories

Tell Great Stories

Develop engaging stories that show your target companies that they need you.

Image - Build your network

Build your Network

A solid network is essential to a great career. There are good and bad ways to network. If it feels sleazy, you’re doing it wrong.

Image - Dream Big!

Dream Big!

A technical education gives you more options than you may realize. Don’t be limited by the few career paths you were shown in university!

"Architecting your own career can be overwhelming.  

David leverages a long and successful career in various industrial roles, and leaves you with the confidence to know you are heading in the right direction.”

- Tanya Ramond, PhD Physics, CTO at York Space Systems

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You can do this. Let's get you started!

Free 1 hour call to the first 5 people who schedule this month!