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Here's a list of others who are doing great work to help you design a rewarding career.


Karin Bodewits and Philipp Gramlich have built an impressive array of seminars, workshops, and other resources for PhD Scientists. They are also good friends and collaborators of mine. Check them out!

Papa PhD Podcast

David Mendes is a PhD Biologist who runs a great podcast that explores the different ways people have juggled professional and personal life after completing their MSc or their PhD.

PhD Coffee Time

Vera Bin San Chan runs this great YouTube channel for those still working on their PhD. She dedicates her channel to helping you become more organized, productive, and less stressed as you work to complete this amazing accomplishment!

Teach the Geek

Neil Thompson runs this YouTube channel that provides communication skills training and leadership education for professionals and emerging leaders. It is primarily focused on public speaking skills and tips for those in engineering, science, and tech.

Beyond the Professoriate

L. Maren Wood runs BeyondProf, the Online Career Hub for PhDs in all disciplines: Humanities, Social Science, and STEM.

Jobs on Toast

Chris Humphrey runs this great blog for PhDs looking for non-academic career paths.

Carreras Cientificas Alternativas

Manolo Castellano maintains a site that features interview podcasts for scientists seeking alternative careers. The site and the podcasts are in Spanish.

Helpful Articles:

Science Careers: Career Fables

Karin Bodewits writes stories about a wide variety of career topics that are both entertaining and helpful.

How to escape a ‘paint-by-numbers’ career

Academia trains us to follow pre-defined paths when planning our careers, but the most exciting and rewarding careers are designed by their owners. If you’re willing to take some risk and create your own design, you can have a more exciting career than you ever imagined.

The Autopilot Postdoc

Falling into a postdoc after a PhD is a waste of excellent credentials, say Karin Bodewits, Philipp Gramlich and David Giltner.

Essential Skills for a Career in the Private Sector

What can you do to be more employable than the other scientists and engineers who will be vying for the same jobs?

Can a scientist be a good entrepreneur?

Many people assume that 'scientist' and 'entrepreneur' require completely different strengths. Not true!

What can sports players teach scientists about mindset?

Success outside the research lab is a very different game. And it turns out that this is a very useful analogy.