Big company or small company. Where do I fit best?

People often ask me: “Should I look for a job at a big company or a small company?” This is an important question, as people tend to be wired to fit one better than the other.

Here’s one big difference to help you decide how you are wired:

A big company is primarily focused on keeping the company machine running. They typically have lots of structure and processes in place in an effort to keep things running as consistently as possible. If you work at a large company, you may feel your contribution is limited by this structure, and that your efforts are more maintenance activity than improvement.

A small company has few people and few resources and is primarily focused on surviving. There will be little structure or process to limit your contribution, but you may feel limited by the capabilities of the team or the resources available.

The day-to-day limitations have a big impact on how happy you are are and how well you perform. Keep this difference in mind when looking for your next job.

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